Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Greetings – Speaks Your Feelings

Birthdays are a wonderful way of expressing your feelings for the people you love. Greet someone on the special occasion of birthday and express your heartfelt joy and wish the person.

In the age of emails and sites that sell greeting cards, one can always send free birthday e-cards. Birthdays can be of any type- parents’ birthday, relatives’ birthday, friend’s birthday and so on.

There are several sites where one can get beautiful happy birthday cards as well as funny birthday e-greets . There are free musical birthday cards that can play sweet, melodious tunes and the recipient of this card will be as happier to receive the beautiful birthday greetings, as you would be to send it.

Send free birthday e-greets to your loved ones and make their day. There are several animated birthday cards too which are humorous and usually have cool words.

The recipient can also send across lovely birthday thank you cards to their friends and well-wishers.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Joy of Life – Birthday Celebrations

Birth is one of the most amazing functions of life and to give birth is one of the truly phenomenal experiences. To give life is to give love and therefore, celebrating birth is a joy of life. A birth symbolizes the perspective of looking into the future with positivity and beauty and to look at the past in happiness and full with memories. It is a beautiful and joyous occasion for both family and friends and all those are part of the celebrations.

The concept of a birthday celebration had begun in Europe with the religion of Mithraism. The cult of Mithras that originated in Persia was spread through the ages of the Roman Empire. When Christianity took place, the practice was continued with the commonplace tradition of birthday cakes and confetti. Although, the ways of birthday celebrations vary, its spirit is the same.

So, celebrate your loved ones’ birthday by wishing them in many different ways. Giving a card is the way of wishing “Happy Birthday” to someone. Flowers, chocolates, pets are some of the gifts that have been there for quite some time. Some people love to celebrate their birthdays in an uncommon way. For instance, going on a long drive is a quiet, yet beautiful way of celebrating someone’s birthday. is here to help you choose from a number of cards

Monday, April 7, 2008

Free Birthday Cards, Send e-Greeting Cards, Birthday eCards

Hey, it’s that time of the year when you are showered with love, affection and gifts. Coz it’s your birthday. Whether it is your friends, mom, dad, relatives, colleagues, professors, all you have to do is send your well-wishes.

One can choose from lovely birthday e-cards and send across to your loved ones. There are plenty of free virtual birthday cards. Your e-greetings will make your near and dear ones happy.

There are several resources from where you can send cards for your dad. The categories to choose from like free animated birthday cards, online birthday cards, animated e-birthday cards. There are emotional e-greets for birthday. You can also send funny birthday cards.

You can also make your personalized cards and etch beautiful and touching words to make a difference in your heartfelt wishes.

A very significant aspect about birthdays is zodiac signs. Send unique wishes for each zodiac sign you know of. is here for you to choose any birthday e-card of your choice and send your family and folks personalized messages, absolutely free. It will save loads of time and reach your e-greetings in no time.